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Parx Media

It's getting close to the new year and we've decided move onto a lot of new and exciting endeavors. We felt this would make it the perfect time to introduce who we are "now" and highlight some of the things we've been up to.

Free Site

Recently we put together a free website for a small start-up carpet cleaning business in the Victoria area. I know it's not much but we're still very proud of The site uses a medly of HTML, AngularJS and PHP to give the owner the tools he needs at no great expense. If you know anyone in the Victoria in need of a fair price on their carpet care needs please send them over to

The majority of our team work day jobs. This is both a positive and a negative. While it limits our ability to Prioritize our projects, it does allow us to subsidize costs and even work free on the causes we care about most. This gives incredible value to the services we offer since we can afford to be compassionate and take an involved interest in each project we accept.

Best Regards,
Shawn Parker